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Saint Mark's Basilica, Venice

Today, we left Ravenna and took a train to Venice. While I wish the US had such an extensive and efficient train network, both our transfers (to and from Ravenna) in Bologna were tight and nerve wracking, especially with a five year old who is relearning to walk and luggage for a whole family. After arriving at the Venice train station, we boarded a water bus, which ferried us around Venice, past St. Mark’s Basilica,Piazza, and Doge’s Palace, to our stop, Arsenale.  We checked into our apartment (right on a canal, near Arsenale, the old shipyard), and turned around to get a quick bite of pizza for lunch. It was surprisingly like New York pizza and unlike anything else in the rest of Italy. We wandered through the narrow streets towards St. Mark’s Basilica. Really, the streets are more like alleys or hallways, often only 10-20 feet wide. There are no cars, the only transportation here is by foot or boat. We arrived at the square and waited in a long line to get in the basilica. While in

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