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Saint Matushka Olga (Arrsamquq) of Alaska.

Saint Matushka Olga (Arrsamquq) of Alaska. 8x10” Egg tempera and gold on panel. 2024. Matushka Olga Michael was a Native Alaskan of Yup'ik origin (Arrsamquq was her Yup'ik name).  She is the first North American woman and first Yup'ik person glorified as a saint by the Orthodox Church. Her husband Father Nikolai Michael was the village postmaster and manager of the general store, and later archpriest. She memorized major church services, baked the eucharistic Prosphora bread, made vestments, organized events in the life of the parish, and provided hospitality for guests. Serving her community not only as a priest's wife, but also as a midwife. Matushka Olga gave birth to 13 children of her own (8 of whom survived into adulthood), many of whom she gave birth to on her own without the aid of another midwife. She continued to care for the children of the village, compassionately providing clothes and food whenever it was needed. Through example, rather than punishment, she

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