The Holy Apostle And Evangelist Mark

The Holy Apostle And Evangelist Mark. Egg tempera and gold on panel. Iconostasis of St. Mary’s Orthodox Church. Painted Post, NY. 2021.

When blood-stained men dragged Mark on the earth to slay him,

They unwittingly sent him to Heaven.

On the twenty-fifth, senseless men drew a Mark upon the ground.

Mark was a traveling companion and assistant to the Apostle Peter. While Mark was in Rome with Peter, the faithful begged him to write down for them the saving teaching of the Lord Jesus, His miracles and His life. Thus, Mark wrote the first Holy Gospel which the Apostle Peter himself saw and attested to its truthfulness. Mark was appointed a bishop by the Apostle Peter and was sent to Alexandria, Egypt. When the heathens raised accusations against Mark, as a destroyer of their idolatrous faith, he fled to Pentapolis where he continued to strengthen his earlier work. After two years, Mark again returned to Alexandria to the great joy of all the faithful, whose number was greatly multiplied. However, on this occasion, the pagans seized Mark, and he was martyred. His soul was translated into a better world. (from the Synaxarion)

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