The Holy Trinity, or The Hospitality of Abraham

The Holy Trinity, or The Hospitality of Abraham, acrylic and gold leaf on panel, 8"x10," private commission. 
St. Andre Rublev (c. AD 1425) was my primary inspiration, of course, but I also referenced an icon from Patmos (c. AD 1176), as well as the 20th century work of Leonid Ousspensky and Gregory Krug. 

In this icon, the three angels represent the three persons of the Trinity presiding at the feast around Abraham's table (Genesis 18). This is also the altar table, and they are blessing the Eucharistic chalice. From left to right are the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Father sits at the head; the Son and Spirit look to Him. The Son wears the same garments as Christ. The Spirit wears green to signify his life-creating energy. Above them are Abraham's house, the Oak of Mamre, and the mountain. The house represents the Father's house (John 14:2) and the tree is next to the Son, representing His life-giving death on the Cross, the tree of life.

In the original icons, the angels are holding crosiers (in the Eastern Orthodox style); I took the liberty in making them western-style crosiers given the icon's destination to a parish in the Western Christian tradition.

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  1. I'm looking for a "hospitality of abraham" icon depicting 3 angels (identical faces) one desses in rose, another in blue, and the other in beige) seated at a table with 3 bowls, a larger bowl, 3 knives, and 1 fork; represents 3 strangers who visited braham

    1. Hi, Ms. Bev - I would love to discuss painting such an icon for you. Could you please email me at so we can talk further? Thank you!


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