Peter and Zoe

Χρόνια πολλά Peter and Zoe!
Saints Zoe and Rome and Peter the Aleut, private collection,  acrylic and gold leaf on birch panel, 11x14"
Many years to my friend, Peter, and his new wife, Zoe, who were married today! In honor of the occasion, I painted for them this icon of their patron saints: St. Zoe of Rome and St. Peter the Aleut. St. Zoe is pictured in her native Rome, with the tree on which she was hung in martyrdom, as well as the Tiber River in which the pagans threw her holy relics before being honorably buried by Christians. Saint Peter is depicted in his homeland of Alaska, along with a kayak reminding us of the hunting expedition which led to his capture and torture at the hands of Jesuits. Christ is in the heavens in the mandorla, giving to them their martyr's crowns.
I am happy to make custom family icons like this as wedding gifts. Please go to for more information or to commission a custom icon as a gift for a wedding this summer or fall.


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