Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity. Acrylic and Gold leaf on panel. 8x10"

"Come ye nations, let us worship the three-personed Godhead, a Son in the Father, with the Holy Spirit; for the Father timelessly hath begotten the Son, equal to Him in eternity and the throne; and the Holy Spirit was in the Father, glorified with the Son, one Might, one Substance, one Godhead, which we all worship, saying, Holy God Who created everything through the Son with the help of the Holy Spirit; Holy Mighty, in Whom we knew the Father, and through Whom the Holy Spirit came to the world; Holy Immortal One, the comforting Spirit, proceeding from the Father and resting in the Son; O Holy Trinity, glory to Thee."
-The Vesperal Doxastikon for Pentecost  Source


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