Saint Thomas the Apostle

Sign for Saint Thomas the Apostle Orthodox Church, Kokomo, Indiana. 36x60"

In this icon, Saint Thomas believes while Christ looks us in the eye, asking us "Who do you say that I AM?" Let us join St. Thomas' confession of faith in the Risen Christ: "My Lord and my God!" The clothing of the Risen Christ is glistening with His life-giving, resurrected glory. My inspiration and prototype comes primarily from a beautiful 700-year-old fresco in the church of St. Clement of Ohrid. The composition is cropped in to focus on just Christ and Thomas.
The Belief of Thomas, Saint Clement of Ohrid, c. 1295 (Source: [defunct website])

Saint Thomas Orthodox in Kokomo, Indiana commissioned this large outdoor icon for a sign on the side of their church. Because the icon is outside, exposed to direct sunlight and the elements, I used Keim mineral paints, which are designed for outdoor murals.

Bishop PAUL of Chicago and the Midwest (OCA) blesses the icon before the installation.

The installation of the icon.

The completed and installed icon. I also painted the sign on the ground in 2014.


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