Saint Porphyrios

 I recently finished this icon of Saint Porphyrios the Kavsokalyvite. St. Porphyrios, a great saint of our times, reposed on December 2, 1991. He was a priest in a hospital in the center of Athens, using his spiritual gifts of healing and clairvoyance to bring physical and spiritual healing to many in the city. Here are a few of my favorite quotes of his, from his book Wounded by Love: “Love Christ and put nothing before His Love. He is joy, He is life, He is light. Christ is Everything. He is the ultimate desire, He is everything. Everything beautiful is in Christ.” “It is a great art to succeed in having your soul sanctified. A person can become a saint anywhere. He can become a saint in Omonia Square (commercial, if he wants. At your work, whatever it may be, you can become a saint through meekness, patience, and love. Make a new start every day, with new resolution, with enthusiasm and love, prayer and silence — not with anxiety so that you get a pain in the chest.”  
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