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I apologize for the seven-month hiatus from this blog.  I ceased posting with the conclusion of my grant activities in July.  I have since realized that this blog is about more than my travels and experiences in the summer of 2012.  Those experiences have set new courses on which I now travel.
Now I will very briefly fill in the blanks in my artistic endeavours in the past seven months.
In late July, I returned from New York working with Tom Clark.  On my way home, I attended the Sacred Music Institute at the Antiochian Village in Ligonier, Pennsylvania.
Upon my return home, I resumed my masters of education program through Indiana Wesleyan University.
I began painting several new icons, experimenting with new and different styles of painting: on canvas, on a easel, while standing.
In mid-August, I returned to teaching elementary art.
In September and October, I worked on the icon of Christ Anepson (or Unsleeping).
In October and November, I painted angels to surround Christ Pantokrator.
In December, friends and I painted the ceiling of our church a deep blue and installed the angels and Anepson.
Over the Christmas holiday, my wife and I visited family on the east coast, where I was able to again visit Archangel Michael to see Tom's completed iconography.
In January, we painted stars on the ceiling at church.
In early February, I attended my first Sacred Harp sing with several friends.
Currently, I am finishing a large icon of the Virgin Mary "Platytera ton Ouranon" or "More Spacious than the Heavens" for the east wall of our church above the altar.
Over the next several posts, I intend to write in depth on each of these projects (including photos), and then continue to update this blog according to present activities.


  1. Thanks for resuming. All us out here missed it!

  2. Hi, Brian! Do the stars on the church ceiling symbolize something? or is it just that God is God of all the universe and this reminds us that He is in charge of all the stars and planets everywhere?

  3. And why does the moon have a face?


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