30 May 2012

Αντίο Indiana

My last glimpse of Indiana for a while. 

The day has finally arrived. I bid farewell to my wonderful wife and I've embarked and the experience of a lifetime. 
Sigur Rόs has become the soundtrack for my journey thus far. Their latest album Valtari cannot receive enough praise. It is absolutely fantastic, as is to be expected.
As I wait in the airport for my next flight, listening to the cathartic music of Sigur Rόs, I can't help thinking about leaving behind my wife, family, and friends. I'll be missing summer altogether...canoeing, swimming, campfires...
I'm excited to be sure, but also melancholic about what I'm leaving behind and unsure of what to expect in the days ahead. Maybe Sigur Rόs is  the right music for this moment. Maybe not.  Perhaps Regina Spektor will lift my spirits....

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