The Best View in the City

Fotis recommended the A for Athens hotel as having the best view of the city.  I think he was right.

Bekah and I entered the hotel just off of Monastiraki Square.  Unfortunately, there was a line for the elevator (max. capacity 3), so we took the stairs since it would be awhile.  The cafe/bar/restaurant is on the 6th floor (Americans, read 7th).  We opened the stairway door to the most happening bar in Athens: loud techno music and not an empty seat.

Of course, we still got there ahead of the people waiting in line.  I hope they made a reservation.  We were lucky to squeeze in.  Fortunately, the 7 flights of not-air conditioned stairs was rewarded with what is truly the best view of the city.  A picture is worth a thousand words, so I can't begin to describe it:

The hotel overlooks Monastiraki square, with the old monastery church, the old mosque, and the metro station.  Towering above Monastiraki is the Acropolis, which really steals the show.  Under the Acroplis, and behind Monastiraki is beautiful and quaint Plaka, with the Roman Agora.  To the left (west) is the ancient Agora.  To the right (east) is the buzzing shopping district of Ermou.

Of course the view comes with a price (besides the climb).  What just bought us two nights in a hotel with ocean views earlier this week, now bought us two drinks and some munchies.  Of course they were delicious, but it wasn't Kelly Jae's; we paid for the view.
Bekah ordered stuffed mushrooms and I ordered a vegetable kebab.

The music changed to a decidely Greek folk techno: samples of folk instruments playing traditionaal scales, set to a dance beat.  For drinks, Bekah ordered the "A for Athens Sour," which, among other things had rosewater, topped with egg whites beaten stiff with potpourri roses.  I ordered the "Corpse Reviver" which had several kinds of citrus liquors and absinthe. 

Bekah and I stayed late into the night, sipping our drinks and enjoying the best view of the city.


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